Montem Method Troupe Performs The Exodus Inquisition

Photograph courtesy of Montem Method

Certain documentation from the history behind the evacuation had been thought lost forever Corporations were leading the charge in building huge ships for evacuation of the Earth, and a group of politicians emerged as a leader in ship designs and communications systems.

Only a couple years after documentation revealing Exodus Council’s dark secrets in strongarming corporations to join their organization, Montem Method is remaking history with the announcement of their new theater production.

The Exodus Inquisition is a lighthearted parody of the historical events leading up to Exodus Council’s prominent position in the construction of shipbuilding and software systems we all know and love today. Exodus Council was known to have a secret division involved in their strongarming of some of the less supportive corporate leaders. Montem Method turns this dark & depressing piece of history into an colorful production of comedic genious.

“Nobody expects the Exodus Inquisition!”

Tickets go on sale in Montem tomorrow. Debut performance is AED 3020-03-19. The troupe is expected to travel the galaxy, except Katoa.